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Jul 18, 2011 6:00am EDT
. rebecca brooks was questioned and let go a few hours after questioning. the chief of police have resigned, it this comes as rupert murdoch gets set to face members of parliament this week. news corp. is the parent company of both news of the world and fox 5. >>> one popular way for tourists to navigate d.c. could be in for some changes. >> we'll check back in with tony perkins. going to be a hot one, triple digits by the end of the week. we'll get close today. clothes to 6 now this monday morning. >>> los angeles frequently makes the list of cities with the worst traffic along the d.c. area but this weekend one potential traffic nightmare was avoided. a 10-mile stretch of the 405 shut down to demolish part of a bridge. to avoid massive backups people were asked to stay home. the warnings were actually he'ded t project wrapped up ahead of schedule. the road is back to normal this morning. which means a lot of traffic. >> well let's talk about heat. much of the country is in the grips of a heat wave, in nebraska things got so bad ov
Jul 15, 2011 6:00am EDT
. rebecca brooks is stepping down and will appear before a parliamentary hearing next week and with her, rupert murdoch and his son. fox 5 is owned by news corp. >>> a new york city man accused of kidnapping and dismembering an eightier old bomade the first court appearance. he's charred with killing levy clepsty on monday. the police say they have not ruled out sexual molestation. and around is undergoing a psychiatric examination. >> to the economy now and another meeting ended without progress. president obama told them to go talk to members and what kind of deal on saturday. they're not meeting today but the president scheduled another news conditions for later this morning, which we will air on fox 5. in the meantime, democratic leaders are pointing the finger at virginia congressman eric cantor, saying he's the many roadblock and that he's unwilling to cool myself. -- compromise. attention is now turning to a backup plan in the senate being hammered out by harry reid and mitch mcconnell. >>> three major bond rating agencies have -- [ no audio ]
Jul 14, 2011 6:00am EDT
metro stations for the entire weekend for repairs. the twin brook, white flint, grovener medical center. closures will affect every line at various times. metro says it allows them to get work done faster and safe gler metro has made a lot of empty promises. for instance, i work in foggy bottom. they said the escalator would be done may 2011 but the escalator just opened this past monday and we're in july. >> people are going to feel inconvenienced and voice that on the weekends they're inconvened. we know that. >> red line will have five stations closed in late august. we set up a link to the construction project and the scheduled closures on >>> some good news for your bag tax money. it's paying off for some community organizations now as the city has awarded nearly $1 million in grants now to groups that help restore local waterways. another $300,000 going to private firms who do the same type of work. the projects will start at end of the summer. in the meantime city officials say bag usage is down some 80%. >> good news there. >>> an urgent message from moody's to wash
Jul 19, 2011 6:00am EDT
by a parliamentary panel. his son and and rebecca brooks will be questioned also. john yates announced his resignation yesterday. sunday, miss commissioner paul steve p -- stevenson stepped down. news corp.'s board is refuting reports that rupert murdoch will be replaced. >>> a journalist credited with helping to break the scandal was found at his home yesterday. police say sean hoa rest's death is not considered suspicious. he once told the "new york times" that phone hacking was widely used and even encouraged. site high profile hacking group is to brame for false rlts that rupert murdoch was found dead. they were able to hack into the sun's web site and redirect readers to the hoax. >>> today as questioning about the phone hacking scandal is set to start later this morning. we'll bring you live coverage beginning at 9:30. >>> president obama says he will veto today's house plan to require a balanced budget constitutional amendment but a back-up plan in the senate is getting more attention. senate plan would let president obama raise the debt ceiling on his own. >>> among the other top
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4